Why continue making your own stock?

Fundo stocks

Here at Fundo, we’re not clutching any secret recipes close to our chest. Quite the contrary: we’re proud of the fact that we make stock as it’s been done since time immemorial, just like you do at home. The only difference is that the pots we use are a little bigger than yours! So why continue making your own stock when you could spend the time you save on finishing your dishes?

Slow food for fast people

Buying fresh ingredients, cleaning vegetables and leaving them to simmer for nearly 48 hours to squeeze every last bit of flavour out of them: making stock is an intensive and time-consuming process. Unless you buy ready-to-use Fundo stock, of course. Made with natural ingredients according to the traditional recipe, Fundo stock tastes just as good.

Compared to many other ready-to-use products, Fundo stocks do not contain any artificial preservatives or additives. Just take a look at the label: you’re bound to recognise every ingredient listed there.

Different stock flavours for every recipe

Easy to use

Fundo bouillon

  1. Shake before use
  2. Dissolve one 500 ml jar of stock in 1.5 litres of water and add to your dish (Vegetable stock: add 0.5 litres of water for one litre of soup)
  3. Reduce and season to taste
  4. Enjoy!

Good to know

  • Once you’ve opened a jar of Fundo stock, you can keep it for up to three days in the fridge. Alternatively, you can freeze what’s left over to use at a later date.
  • Most stock cubes contain up to 15 grammes of salt per litre. Fundo stocks only contain three grammes. And that’s a deliberate choice, because you can always add salt yourself.
  • Chicken or beef bones make up nearly half of the ingredients of our meat stocks. Compare that ratio to other stock brands and prepare to be astounded!

Got a taste for more?

Bring flavour to your dishes by buying our Fundo range at larger supermarkets or delis near you, or have our products delivered to your door via the Fundo online store.

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