Make your own consommé or enjoy it without the hassle?

Fundo consommés are only available at Delhaize during the festive season.

Fundo vegetable stock

Cleaning vegetables, simmering stock over several days, then repeatedly degreasing and clarifying that stock… Making consommé according to the traditional recipe demands a lot of time and patience. Unless you go for Fundo’s ready-to-serve consommés, of course. These degreased and clarified broths are just as natural, delicious and healthy as any home-made version, as we prepare them in exactly the same way. The only difference is that we use larger pots!

Just as delicious as any home-made version

Just like with our (drinking) broths and fonds, there’s only one way Fundo makes its consommés: exactly like we would do at home. With natural ingredients packed with flavour, and without artificial additives or preservatives.

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Consommé is one of those festive dishes that’s both packed with flavour and easy to digest. With which of these mouth-watering consommé recipe by our chefs can we tempt you?

Make consommé? Easy!

With Fundo, you’ll be dishing up bowls of crystal-clear consommé at the festive table in no time at all.

  1. Choose your favourite consommé flavour in store.
  2. Heat up the consommé over medium heat.
  3. Decorate the bowls with finely sliced garnishes.
  4. Enjoy!


  • Serve consommé as an appetiser, starter or entree.
  • Garnish using finely sliced vegetables (or prawn for fish consommé).
  • Only add any garnishes to the bowl right before serving.
  • Emphasise the clarity of the dish by using plain crockery or transparent glasses.

Can you taste the difference?

Make your own consommé or serve Fundo consommé?
It’s up to you, but we’re confident you won’t be able to tell the difference.

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