Curious to find out how we make fonds here at Fundo?

Fundo fonds

How do we make our fonds here at Fundo, you ask? It couldn’t be simpler! A fond is best described as a reduced stock that has been left to simmer for even longer to arrive at the ultimate intense flavour sensation. At Fundo, we leave our fonds to simmer for no fewer than 48 hours! What’s more, we use at least one kilogram of locally sourced meat and bones to produce one litre of fond. This combination of local quality products and patience explains why you can make your own home-made sauces and dishes taste even more intense using Fundo fonds as a base.

Low in salt, gluten free and deliciously healthy

Fundo fonds exclusively contain locally sourced natural products and a minimum amount of salt (just three grammes per litre of end product). On top of that, they also contain no gluten, sugar, MSG, yeast extract, artificial additives or preservatives. And that means you can also use Fundo fonds to make the perfect dishes for your gluten-free, paleo or keto diet.

A fond to suit everyone’s taste

Here at Fundo, our mouth-watering fonds come in different varieties. We’ve got all the classics, of course, but we’ve also got a few original flavour bases made using local products and seasonal ingredients:

Cook up something delicious using Fundo fonds? Easy!

  1. Shake before use
  2. Deglaze your pan using Fundo fond and reduce to taste
  3. Season to taste
  4. For extra gloss, finish using a little cold butter or cream. The collagen in our fonds acts as a binding agent.
  5. Enjoy!

Good to know

  • Our meat fonds are naturally rich in collagen. This important nutrient for your body promotes the elasticity of your skin and the strength of your connective tissue, among other things.
  • All the flavour, none of the salt! On average, Fundo fonds contains just three grammes of salt per litre of end product, compared to other brands, some of which contain up to 15 grammes of salt per litre.
  • Our intense flavour is all down to our slow simmering process, as well as to the volume of bones and carcasses per litre, which together account for 50% of our total ingredients on average.
Spaghetti Bolognese recipe

Extra cooking tips

  • You can also add Fundo fond to your dish pure for an instant burst of extra flavour. The amount of fond you use is up to you: you’re the chef, so simply taste what you’ve created!
  • Once you’ve opened a pot of fond, you can keep it for up to three days in the fridge. You can also freeze small portions if you like: that way, you’ve always got some little flavour bombs on hand.


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Can’t wait to find out what our fonds taste like?

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