Finally: a healthy alternative for your bouillon “cube”!

The Fundo concentrated bouillons are by far the best alternative for the well- known cubes, powder and bouillon paste, free of any msg, concentrates, yeast extracts and sugars. Our bouillons are the ideal base for soups. You can also use them as a taste enhancer in the wok, vegetable preparations and risottos or dressings.

What makes our concentrated bouillons special?

Our in house production is based on slow cooking and simmering of fresh vegetables, bones form local farms and delicious fresh herbs, only this guarantees a rich and full taste!  Did you know most cubes contain between 10 to 15 gr of salt per liter? We offer you a low salt solution (only 3gr/liter) : more taste without any additives!

The handy 500ml jar equals 2L of bouillon (6 to 8 servings) for a delicious soup.