QGC was founded by 4 passionate foodies: Marc, Maarten, Geert and Johan who believe in bringing healthy and durable convenience products to your kitchen. Today more than ever you have to be aware what you eat: “know what you eat” and “clean labels” therefor are our mission!

By using fresh ingredients from local, natural sources we offer you real “home made” quality as if you would make it yourself. We promise you transparency and quality with respect for nature and aimed at convenience.

What makes our products unique?

  • We operate our own, state of the art production facility in Molenstede, Belgium
  • It took us three years of intensive research to get to these unique products
  • We develop our own tasty and unique recipes

Fundo - QGC - fonds & bouillons
Fundo - QGC - fonds & bouillons

The Fundo guarantee

  • Low salt and sugar free
  • Gluten free
  • our products do not contain msg’s nor yeast extracts
  • Our products do not contain any additives
  • We us local produce
  • Prepared with fresh vegetables and herbs